For our second Assessing China program in semiconductors, 6 startups creating cutting-edge computing technologies joined us for one week in 3 of China’s technology hubs.


In just the past few years, increases in computing power enabled a boom in AI research and available applications. But to reach the next phase of experimentation and technical development, we’ll need new hardware architectures specifically designed for the kinds of computation needed for advanced machine learning.

Our next Assessing China program will bring together China’s leading technology companies – customers intent on expanding their computing capabilities quickly – with US-based AI semiconductor startups to explore opportunities for collaboration.

China has made it a priority to be the global leader in AI in the next decade. The country’s tech giants are eager to level up their products with new semiconductor technology.

If you’re a founder developing specialized computing for AI, this program will open doors to China’s immense market opportunities.


China’s hub of technology entrepreneurship.


The country’s largest city and center of trade.


A center of emerging technology in China.


You’ll Meet With:

  • Lenovo: China’s largest data center service provider
  • DiDi Chuxing: the AI lab and data center of a Chinese internet / transportation sharing giant
  • Xiaomi & Oppo: Two of China’s top mobile phone brand owners
  • AISpeech: Global leader in voice recognition software
  • Megvii Face++: Leading facial recognition software unicorn
  • Legend Star & Hony Capital: Leading VC and PE funds in China

7 startups. 3 cities. November 5 – 9.


The goal of this Assessing China program with the focus on chipsets and semiconductors is to understand the growing interest of Chinese technology companies to embrace cutting-edge hardware in their operations. Given the huge interest in implementing AI to boost efficiency in their operations, there’s an equal need for the infrastructure to enable it.

We want to make your time with us helpful, insightful, and actionable while in China. We’re here to facilitate new customer relationships with major device manufacturers so you can boost the reach of your technology much faster.

The aim of in-person meetings in China is to begin the dialogue that will give you a head start with a new major client. We’ve already selected the partners so you can focus on the discussions that matter the most with Comet Labs supporting you.

Travel and accommodations will be covered by Comet Labs to make this opportunity available to startups regardless of ability to pay.



You’ve created a new architecture and have a prototype or equivalent, but you’re pre-tapeout. Your research is solid, you have a team behind you, and you’re ready to start manufacturing.

This program will connect you with interested clients who can help you launch and scale your technology in markets across Asia.


You’ve had your tapeout and perhaps sold your first round of production units to excited clients.

Now you’re ready to explore new use-cases and branch out into other industries and markets to acquire additional clients who can benefit from your chipset technology.

We’re accepting applications now, and spots are limited. Fill out the application form below, and we’ll be in touch!