A venture capital fund and startup platform, founded in 2015. We invest in and support artificial intelligence and deep-technology companies transforming the world’s biggest industries. Our thesis is that AI and robotics are going to allow humanity to rethink and rebuild industries vertical by vertical.

Machine learning and robotics technologies matured dramatically in just the past few years. The line of what is possible is pushed back. However, introducing AI to traditional industries requires a new and more collaborative approach.

Comet Labs was founded as a subsidiary of Legend Star, one of the largest early-stage venture capital funds in China. Legend Star partners with entrepreneurs to build technology companies in two categories: technology applied to transforming industries, and platform technologies creating new capabilities.


Our latest initiative creates new growth opportunities for startups in the United States by fostering cross-border partnerships with large businesses in China. For each program, we focus on one industry and bring partners and startups together in select cities in China for personal, high-impact sessions.



Whether you’re doing research, working on a prototype, or simply considering a new startup idea, there are lots of ways to engage with us.