We’ve had the Marketplace cooking for a while, and we’re excited to launch it soon. But until then, we want to tell you a little about it.

The Marketplace will be a platform for machine learning and robotics startups to find opportunities to team up with pilot partners on use-case focused projects.

After┬ánearly 3 years of investing, we’ve noticed that capital isn’t the only┬áimportant resource that early stage AI startups need most. Instead, pilot partners – and the access to resources like datasets and testing hardware – are much more valuable.

We want the Marketplace to be a resource where those partnerships can begin.


Step 1: Brief

We work with partners to understand the most pressing challenges in their industry and create an AI pilot brief – like a request for proposal (RFP).

Step 2: Apply

Briefs are posted here, and we help founders discover and apply for the right pilot opportunities for their startups.

Step 3: Execute

Founders are selected for pilots and work with partners to test and refine their technology. We monitor progress and give guidance along the way if needed.


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