For our third Assessing China Program we’re inviting startups developing AI and Robotics technologies for the retail industry to meet with China’s leading retailers and E-Commerce leaders to explore collaboration opportunities.

You’ll be meeting with world’s leading online and offline retailers:
  • Innovating in the electrical appliances, smart devices, and PC space
  • Building cutting edge supply chain and logistics systems
  • Delivering immersive shopping experiences
  • Disrupting the retail industry with a global multichannel retail ecosystem 


The current trends in the retail industry led by the world’s leading retail companies and the continuous efforts to boost efficiency, optimize supply chain processes and enhance customer experience make retailers around the world rethink the traditional retail industry to turn their physical stores into smart stores using machine learning solutions and artificial intelligence.

With China’s growing investment and adoption of AI technologies across many industries, it’s no secret that retail is one of the most promising fields of business in China for the next decade.

Our next Assessing China Program will bring together China’s leading retail & E-Commerce giants with US-based AI and robotics startups to explore opportunities for collaboration.

If you’re a founder developing deep technology solutions to solve the traditional retail industry’s biggest challenges, this program will open doors to China’s immense market opportunities.


China’s hub of technology entrepreneurship.


The country’s largest city and center of trade.


MARCH 25 – 29 | Beijing . Shanghai


The goal of this Assessing China Program with the focus on new retail is to understand what the opportunities for AI applications are across the whole retail channels, from warehouse management to customer experience.

The week will be packed with meetings with executives from some of China’s largest retail companies. They are well aware of the benefit that innovative technology can bring to their value chains and unique challenges.

Our intention is to facilitate these in-person meetings to open up the dialogue that will start you down the road towards an effective client relationship. We’ve already selected the partners so you can focus on the discussions that matter with Comet Labs supporting you.

  • During your trip to China, you will experience the country’s most innovative dining experiences

  • Travel and accommodations will be covered by Comet Labs to make this opportunity available to startups regardless of ability to pay.

A quick overview of the success of our previous Assessing China Programs in industrial IoT and AI chipsets:

“The Assessing China program exceeded my expectations in the relationships I was able to build with many of the manufacturers as potential future customers, as well as the fellow participants.”   (Andrew Scheuermann, co-founder and CEO of Arch Systems)

“This has been the most eye-opening and business progressive trip I’ve ever participated in and I would recommend any startup CEO/CTO/COO/CRO to join if they are thinking of the Chinese market.”   (Nils Alstadt, VP of Customer Experience at Canvas)

Learn more about our previous Assessing China programs and how startups can accelerate business development in China here.



You created a new technology and have a product or functional prototype being used or tested in your local market. Your research is solid, you have a team behind you and you’re ready to start testing or manufacturing your product for some of the world’s top retailers.

This program will connect you with interested clients who can help you launch and scale your technology in markets across Asia.


You’ve nailed your product, established yourself in the market, and you’re receiving a steady stream of revenue from excited clients. Nice work!

But you don’t want to get complacent. You want to keep up the momentum and expand into a new market for your intelligent machine solution.

We’re accepting applications now, and spots are limited. Fill out the application form below, and we’ll be in touch!