What is the Transportation Lab?

If you're a startup creating an AI or robotics technology in transportation, you've come to the right place.

The Transportation Lab focuses on how the transportation ecosystem will be reinvented in the next 5 years. We will work closely with passionate startups in this space, providing access to things that money can’t buy -- think HD mapping data, autonomous testing vehicles, and space to pilot.

We want to hear your idea for creating the future of transportation.

What We're Excited About

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What Makes This Program Different?

Our program is not one-size-fits all:

  • Focused: The ecosystem we have built and the web of resources we have put together are uniquely suited to the needs of startups building AI tools with applications in transportation.

  • Resource-full: We’re all about getting you what you need. If there are things from our network or partner that would help you succeed, we’ll work to get it for you. 

  • Collaborative: Our corporate partners provide the field-tested input, go-to-market channels, and advice on product definition that AI companies need.


Doug Davenport, ProspectSV

Doug Davenport, ProspectSV

"I'm thrilled to be a mentor and excited about the industry areas Comet Labs is involved in. Learning from the creative doers that participate in this program, and seeing how AI can change long-worn, conventional industries will be a great experience."



Lab Partners

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Who Are We Looking For?

Have you founded a company that is developing an application of machine learning and robotics for transportation? We’d love to hear what you’re working on.

Are you a scrappy technologist with a great idea but no prototype? Apply! We can work with you to identify your customer and build your product.

While we primarily work with early-stage companies, we are equipped to help entrepreneurs throughout their lifecycle.

Program Timeline

The Transportation Lab runs for 3 months, and the first startups will join the lab on April 3. However, we know your schedule might not perfectly align with ours, so we will accept startups on a rolling basis. Please keep in mind that the earlier you apply, the earlier you can get access to Comet Labs resources, mentors, and staff.

Once we review your application and determine you could be a good match for the program, we’ll schedule a preliminary phone interview followed by an in-person interview (if possible). If accepted, we’ll welcome you into the program as quickly as possible.


Program Details


We’ll pair you with a member of the investment team who will support you throughout the program. During bi-weekly meetings you will have the opportunity to get personalized guidance, ask questions, and let us know what we can do to enable your success.

We have worked hard to put together a talented and curated group of mentors to provide their technical, business, and transportation industry knowledge. We won't be assigning mentors or dictating office hours, but rather connecting you with the right experts to answer your questions as they come up. How you develop these relationships beyond the program (in the form of formal advisors roles, etc) is up to you.

Community Events

We will kickoff the program in April by bringing everyone together at a welcome happy hour, and then every other week we will host informal dinners featuring 2-3 mentors. They will briefly talk about their relevant areas of expertise, past and current work, and thoughts on the future of transportation before breaking into a more general discussion.

We will also organize a variety of other events, like roundtables, hackathons, and happy hours that you can choose to attend as your schedule permits.

Capstone Event

The program culminates in a Sales Day in June when you'll have a chance to showcase your honed products to partners and other potential customers.

What you Get from us

1. Focused customer development resources that money can't buy

Data sets, space to pilot, B2B sales coaching and business model strategy

2. Connection to industry partners and mentors for specific feedback

Learn from mentors who have been selected based on their relevant industry, business, and technical knowledge.

3. Support from the Comet Labs team

Regular one-on-one meetings with the investment team

4. Interaction with companies developing core technology module

We have invested in 26 AI and Robotics companies in the past year

5. Access to Comet Labs' technical talent pool for potential hires

We have strong connections with big tech companies, university labs, corporate innovation labs, and more

6. Office space for 3 months in San Francisco (optional)

Relocation not required, but encouraged.

7. Up to $75k investment

We will work on a case by case basis to develop investment opportunities. This can take the form of a warrant, a convertible note, or a discounted equity investment.


Our Mentors

We approach mentorship from a very comprehensive perspective -- it's not only important to provide startups with great mentors, but also the right mentors. Mentors selected for this program have a broad range of expertise including procurement, R&D, applications and integrations engineering, QC engineering, and sales and marketing.

Why Comet Labs?

We are a cross between a venture fund and an experimental research lab. We invest in and support AI and robotics companies (like you) transforming the world's biggest industries. One way we do this is through our Labs, which are designed as sandboxes for technology, market research, and customer development. The Labs are industry-, or deep tech-, specific in order to maintain a focus on fostering strong collaboration between the right startups, mentors, and corporate partners.

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