Comet Handbook

Welcome to the Comet Labs team!

We care deeply for each other and the work that we're doing here. As a quirky set of principled individuals, we also hold our core values in high regard so you'll need to get to know them intimately as you settle in.

We created this Handbook to help you get started and so that you can know what to expect from us at every step of the way. As you grow with us, you may have ideas on how to improve what's described in here; please know that those ideas are always welcome (send suggestions via Slack).

Read through this carefully, then sign and date the attachment at the bottom of the page and email it to

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Why Are We Here?

Extraordinary sci-fi developments can become reality within our lifetimes! We're here to build the ecosystem where technology that benefits mankind can thrive.


Our Compasses

Open-minded thirst for knowledge

We seek truth and knowledge openly and freely of cognitive prejudice, emotions, or other forces that obscure rational and productive thinking.

Each of us has the eagerness to interact with a variety of topics, industries, and interests. We seek to understand issues from multiple angles and through multiple lenses.

This means being open to changing our minds and appreciating the nuances and gray areas you might encounter.

Enjoy the process, not just the end goal!


Authentic and honest relationships  

We seek to have transparent, open, honest, and frequent communication with all of the following: our team, other VC firms, corporates, and startups.

By having a team of authentic, diverse, humble, and empathetic individuals, we are able to focus on long-term collaboration and success.

Avoid the "tit-for-tat" mindset. Instead, strive to be "founder-friendly": considerate of founders' needs and their POVs.

We walk the talk. 

Rapid growth fueled by introspection

We're building something that's never been done with this much focus before. To succeed, we must be adaptive, brave, and humble.

We're not afraid of big challenges or of failure. Learning as we go is what keeps us motivated to work together. There is such a thing as "good enough for now". 

Being self-aware and capable of improving ourselves while seeking to change the world is what grounds us.

We make waves, not noise.                                                     


Compassion and ethical thinking

We care for humanity and how we are contributing to the global well-being.

As members of the Comet Labs team, we think deeply about the effects new technology will have on multiple markets and industries despite potential profits.

We also hold ourselves responsible to the changes they might cause to the quality of life of individuals a time passes.

The ends DO NOT justify the means to us.

Comet Life