What is Comet Labs?

Comet Labs is a venture initiative focused on helping B2B intelligent machine (AI and Robotics) startups scale.  We invest capital, and provide resources that accelerate the product and customer development cycles -- resulting in a shorter time to paying customers.

What are intelligent machines?

In conventional robotics, machines were programmed to perform very specific tasks, with an emphasis on automation.  Intelligent machines are much better suited to interact with the variables of the world outside of the assembly line.  This includes being able to recognize faces, voices, objects, forces, and being able to draw valuable information out of messy data.

What kind of business does Comet Labs invest in?

Our portfolio companies build both platform technologies, as well as specific industry applications using intelligent machines. Comet Labs is most helpful to companies working in the robotics and intelligent machines (including software) space who are ready to start engagement with an industry partner within 6 months.

How much equity does Comet Labs take?

Comet labs typically takes 0-5% equity.  The specific cash/equity deal is structured based on the company.  Our goal is to be a strategic, long term, value-add investor.

We are a post seed stage company, should we still apply?

We have several resources available for later stage companies: our domestic and international partnerships can help onboard engaged customers, our technology partners can help add functionality to expand the market application, and our capital partners can help find investors who can add the most value.

How long does Comet Labs support portfolio companies?

We invite companies to co-locate for up to 6 months, but have the infrastructure to rigorously support our investments over the company's lifetime.

Do companies need to be based in San Francisco to receive investment?

Being in our office can be very helpful to the growth of your company, however, you should be wherever you need to be to build your business.  If that means locating near an industry partner for a JD program, we will support you remotely.

Does Comet Labs invest in companies outside of the US?