What will you build?

If you are the founder of a startup working on one of these challenges, we want to hear from you.


How will we grow fresh food for 9 billion people, and do it sustainably at a reasonable cost?

The population of the Earth will continue to rise, as will the strain on our depleting stock of arable land. We need to explore new ways of supplying fresh, sustainable produce to areas that need it most.



How can we further develop autonomous cars to travel faster, communicate quickly, and be accessible to the masses? 

Several technology companies are investing massive amounts of resources in the race to the first massively successful driverless car. Knowing this future is inevitable, we want to extend that vision even further and imagine what might be needed once autonomous is the norm.



How can we construct buildings with zero waste, in a tenth of the time, and at a low cost?

Despite vast innovations in machine and computing technology, it still seems that construction is lagging behind. Buildings and renovations require enormous amounts of resources, and yet budgets and schedules are frequently underestimated.



How will I be able to order something online and have it arrive in my hand in less than 30 minutes?

We are already seeing companies begin to innovate in logistics, including automated warehousing and drone shipments. However we know that there are still many challenges before we can reach an age of ultimate convenience.



How can we use technology to prevent fraud and ensure safe and honest communication in financial transactions?

More goods are sold and delivered online than ever, meaning that financial information and identities are exchanged between individuals and businesses every second. For it to succeed, the online marketplace of the future must place customers' safety as the top priority.



In what ways can AI help us catch and block cyberattacks before they cause any damage?

As the Internet and technology that it enables become more globally abundant, so will access points for those who wish to do us harm with it. The world is beginning to put significant resources behind cybersecurity, but threats will continue to evolve.


Law and Ethics

How can we regulate AI effectively while still allowing it to autonomously do work on our behalf?

We exist because we recognize the incredible opportunities that artificial intelligence presents for the global economy. For AI to reach its potential, we humans need to set up systems of checks and balances to guarantee control.



How will we develop medical systems that provide accurate care without requiring patients to leave their homes?

Already we're seeing amazing advances with medical technology that are saving lives every day. Looking further ahead, we want to reimagine the entire medical treatment experience to catch and treat disease even more effectively.



What are ways that AI systems can help create successful education and training programs for people of all ages and backgrounds?

An advancing global economy with new job opportunities means that we need to rethink how we educate our younger generations, as well as retraining those currently in the labor market. Because no two students are the same, we believe that AI will play a pivotal role in creating equal and available education systems.



What advanced technologies will we need to make air travel safer, more eco-friendly, and more convenient?

Air travel brings out the worst in humanity. The process is expensive, uncomfortable, and inefficient, but we think this means that the industry is ripe with opportunity for improvement.