What’s in it for mentors?

Mentors will have direct access to the startups, corporates and technologists participating in the program. Mentors may form close working relationships with startups and may have the opportunity to become involved with the companies in advisory roles or other capacities. 

What’s expected of mentors?

We ask that each mentor commits at least three hours per month during the three-month Labs program. After the program concludes we hope our mentors will continue to be involved with Comet, our startups and future Labs programs.

Who Are we looking for?

  • Leading researchers, academics and technical experts in machine intelligence-related fields
  • C-level executives and corporate innovation leaders
  • Successful entrepreneurs and founders and company-builders
  • Experienced startup and "deep tech” investors
  • Transportation industry super-connectors and thought-leaders
  • Regulatory and legal experts
  • Hardware, manufacturing and supply chain experts

Up Next: the Transportation Lab

The Transportation Lab is a three-month program that brings together B2B startups and leading automotive and transportation corporates building technologies that will power the future of their industries.

Like our other Labs programs, the Transportation Lab merges several critical ingredients to help build intelligent machine startups:

  • Driven founder teams looking to solve challenging but necessary AI problems
  • Industry partners who have the most experience with the problem you are trying to solve, as well as proprietary data sets
  • Expert technologists who have created and know how to use the latest tools in AI and machine learning
  • B2B veterans with experience selling to enterprises

Comet Labs asks very focused questions about the future of industries, and works with the startups who are creating the answers using AI and robotics technologies.

The self-driving cars we saw in 2016 are only the beginning. Our goal for the Transportation Lab is to help launch AI startups that will further transform the traditional way we think about transportation and create vehicles of the future.

Program dates:

The Transport Lab will begin on April 1, 2017 and will conclude on July 1, 2017.