Our Partners

Legend Star
Legend Star ( has partnered for many years with entrepreneurs to build amazing companies, and is most focused on technologies that fall into one of the following two categories: technology applied to transforming industry, or platform technologies creating new possibilities. 

As an early stage venture fund with a strong China background, Legend Star has invested in 100+ companies across the US and China that have led to IPO’s, acquisitions and some of China’s strongest technology companies. Legend Star believes that the scale and scope of China can be a turbocharger to businesses, whether that means finding beta-testers, accessing large datasets, scaling up manufacturing or access to capital. The Legend Holdings network is a valuable resource in this enterprise.

Legend Holdings
Legend Star is part of the Legend Holdings family ( Legend Holdings is one of the largest conglomerates in China. It is the parent company of Lenovo, Raycom (real-estate), Shenzhou (car rental), Lakala (payments), Joyvio (Agriculture) and many others. 
In addition, Comet Labs has lined up additional partners and investors to create a broad base of support in this venture.